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2018-2019 Catalog and Handbook 
2018-2019 Catalog and Handbook [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

RN to BS-MS in Nursing Education (Accelerated)

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Academic Director: Margaret Reilly, DNS, APRN, CNE​
CUNY School of Professional Studies
101 West 31st Street, 7th Floor
New York, NY 10001
Email Contact: Nursing@sps.cuny.edu

The Program

The dual RN to BS/MS in Nursing Education program provides registered nurses the opportunity to complete all of the requirements for both the BS in Nursing and MS in Nursing Education in a shortened amount of time. To accomplish this, several BS level courses will be satisfied through the more advanced M.S. coursework, which includes all essential content, but with an expanded approach.

The BS/MS in Nursing Education prepares nurse educators who understand and are able to convey the complexity of delivering quality healthcare, the increasing knowledge required for nursing practice, and the importance of evidenced-based nursing practice. Student learn to:

  • Manage accreditation, national, and state standards
  • Adapt education strategies for diverse learners
  • Develop curricula focused on changing healthcare systems
  • Prepare students and graduates of entry-level nursing education programs and nursing staff in clinical facilities to function in expected RN roles

The program will culminate with a practicum, which will include a clinical placement that will be either in an undergraduate (generic and/or RN-BS) nursing education program or with a Nurse Educator in a clinical facility- dependent on the student’s preference.

Progression and Retention

All students will maintain a 3.0 overall GPA per semester and at graduation. To ensure this criteria is met, a minimum grade of “B” is required in all courses Nursing major courses.  Students earning less than a “B” grade in a Nursing course may repeat the course one time and must attain a grade of “B” or better. A second earned grade of less than “B” in any Nursing Program Course will result in dismissal from the program.


Accreditation  - This program is accredited by the NYSED

Admission Criteria

  • Hold an Associate in nursing degree from an accredited college or university, accredited nursing program;
  • Hold an unencumbered nursing license and a current registration. Current unencumbered RN licensure and registration will be verified at the time of admission by the college Admissions Office and again prior to the start of clinical practicums.
  • Demonstrate the potential to successfully pursue graduate study through an admission essay highlighting education and career achievements. Essay to include specific examples of problem solving while working in the practice setting, leadership experience at the bedside or in other settings, and professional and community awards.
  • Submit three letters of recommendation, one from a Master’s or doctoral prepared faculty, one from a nurse leader who was an immediate supervisor and/or clinical instructor, and one from a community leader;
  • Description of an evidence-based practice project that was completed in nursing school or in the practice setting; and,  
  • Submit a resume.

Program Requirements

150 Credits are required for the online Dual B.S/M.S in Nursing, broken down as follows:

  • General Education: 30 credits required (12 credits common core, 18 credits flexible core). Some of these will be transfer credits from students’ associate’s degree programs. 
  • A.A.S. in Nursing: A minimum of 30 nursing credits transferred in from the students’ associates or diploma degrees. In most cases students will transfer in 45 or more Nursing credits.  
  • Nursing Core Coursework:
    • 30 credits undergraduate
    • 27 credits graduate
  • Nursing Area Coursework: 15 credits
  • Electives
    • Undergraduate: 15 credits of free electives
    • Graduate: 3 credits. To satisfy the elective, students may take a course in a specialization area other than the one they are enrolled in, or they may select, in consultation with an academic advisor, a course from another program offered by CUNY SPS (e.g., MA in Disability Studies or the MA in Psychology).


  • Graduate or Undergraduate Free Electives- 15 Credits
  • Graduate Level Nursing Elective- 3 Credits

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