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2020-2021 Catalog and Handbook 
2020-2021 Catalog and Handbook [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

BUS 633 - Managing Diversity in a Global Economy (3 Credits)

Prerequisite: BUS 600  and two additional required courses.
Drawing upon research in the social science and business disciplines, this course will: (1) provide students with knowledge of diversity issues in a global context and (2) develop students’ cross-cultural communication and negotiation skills. The course will cover the following topics: diversity and individuals; defining diversity in a global context; theoretical perspectives on workplace diversity; diversity legislation in a global perspective; discrimination and fairness in employment; global demographic trends; diversity management; interpersonal relationships in a global context; intercultural communication process; intercultural negotiation process; politico-legal, economic and business environments in China, India, Japan, France, Brazil, and Russia in a comparative perspective with those of the United States; and cultural values, communication patterns and negotiation styles in China, India, Japan, France, Brazil, and Russia.